Clown, physical theatre and slapstick show for all ages.

The hero`s journey

A character, a radio and an unexpected package …

What happens when our big, glorious, shining destiny is thrown in front of us?

We ran away!

This is the resistance of our protagonist surrounded by a house full of doors to the absurd. To be what he has always known himself to be, but be has tried to avoid until today: Be the hero of his own life.

A hilarious journey that tells us about courage, self-improvement, loneliness and transformation… a journey that has just begun.

Artistic direction: Aitor Basauri
Assistant director: Marta Iglesias

Indoor Theatre and Site specific

70 min

No text

Autonomous structure

All ages

A surprising scenography that grows and transforms to the rhythm of Inda Pereda‘s ascending interpretation, creating a whole universe from which it is impossible to disconnect.

Carla Sanmartin

Teatre Municipal Cal Bolet, Vilafranca del Penedès

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